Trying to download theme and duplicate for a different website - not shared email address

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Ive just completed my first website. it's a free theme and I would like to make a new website for my other, different business. they do not share the same email address so from research it looks like I have to open a different account. 


That said, I can't even get that far. I have followed instructions to download the theme. I get a pop up box saying sent to my email. 

My email address is correct. 

I go to the email and it isn't there. Also not in my spam. 

I have tried to download it a few times now and each time saying successful - sent to my email.

However it never comes 😞


can anyone help or if there's a better way to copy this website so I can change to the new business.... happy to hear about that!

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Hi @amandalc ,


I think your theme is a big size so it can't download successfully and sent to your email. 
I suggest is you can duplicate the theme and make 2 parts and download it


Hope my solution works perfectly for you!

Best regards,

Oliver | PageFly

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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