Unable to edit order with local delivery

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 I am unable to edit orders for local delivery. I want to edit the order but it is telling me I can't edit an order with local delivery as the shipping method.

Why is that? I do not understand why I wouldn't be allowed to edit an order just because it was local delivery versus local pickup or standard shipping.


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Can you add me to that feature request. It makes no sense why this is the case. Our shipping method has nothing to do with the items ordered and so adding or removing items has no effect on shipping method.

This is a fundamental feature of an order management system and there is no exclude not to provide this functionality. Imagine explaining to a customer that you can not add or remove an item to and order because the system doesn't do that. It is consistent with the Shopify attitude.

It seems Shopify has no idea how businesses are run. It seems to only be suitable for users who know no better, coming from WooCommerce the platform a bitter disappointment because of all these little things and Shopify just flips off there customers with 'No ETA'.

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There is a trick if you use another app for pickup and delivery with shipper calculated shipping.  Wierd, but works.  Still Shopify should fix this ASAP. 

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And what is the name of this app, Paco?

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In Store Pickup & Delivery by LogBase.   Exact setup is you activate "third party shipping" with shopify and then the app in Advanced Mode will control all the "pickup, shipping and delivery" options. And that way seems that all orders coming in are "editable".    The other option is you "duplicate" the order to edit, but thats just confusing to the client to have an order canceled and new one created, but also works.

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Hi there,

Jessica here from Zapiet jumping in :-).

I would suggest taking a look at our Store Pickup + Delivery app - https://www.zapiet.com/shopify/store-pickup-delivery - (14 day free trial)

With our app you will install our widget on your cart page which will allow your customer's to choose between pickup/local delivery/shipping and then moving to checkout the appropriate rates for each service.

Also our app will allow you to add/remove a product in the order.

If you have any questions, please send us an email - support@zapiet.com



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Sorry replied in another step.  It is "instore delivery & pickup".  The app sends info I guess in a way it allways can be edited as long as it is in their advanced mode, where the delivery locations and rates are managed by them.  @Elias  please see this. also please include is if there is a Shopify solution. 

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IMO, there are just too many limitations in the current Order Edit API. When things don't work, merchants just blame the app developers. But there are no way for us to handle these dead ends.

  • multi-currency
  • local pickup
  • test mode of Shopify payment
  • payment with COD
  • I can't write all of them!

It's so hard to put this Order Edit API into Production. Last Sat, there was a merchant willing to pay for my advance app plan of $99. However, she was selling in GBP, USD, EURO, etc. The orders can't be edited and I lose the customer now.

Besides, I really don't think that Partner Support is useful. The staff always ask me to open a thread here.

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Thank you, Paco. I already contacted them and they demonstrated the app. It seems like a solution for now.

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Please add me to this feature request.  Thanks!

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Hey, @Cales413.

Thanks for joining the thread!

I've gone ahead and added you to this feature request. For news and announcements when Shopify releases new features or changes to the platform, please check out our changelog and/or updates pages. 

If you have any other questions on this topic, don't hesitate to let me know!


Elias | Social Care @ Shopify 
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