Unable to edit order with local delivery

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 I am unable to edit orders for local delivery. I want to edit the order but it is telling me I can't edit an order with local delivery as the shipping method.

Why is that? I do not understand why I wouldn't be allowed to edit an order just because it was local delivery versus local pickup or standard shipping.


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Hi Elias,

this is also a big problem for our store and we strongly urge Shopify to fix it. Please add my support to the feature request.



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We are now 4 pages into a request for a pretty basic function that should have been there in the first place.

We already pay A LOT of money to Shopify and as the customer we deserve to have basic functions to run our businesses included for this service. We shouldn't need to pay for an EXTRA app that will slow down our store even more to be able to edit a delivery. 

Given this capability already exists for shipped orders, Shopify is simply dragging their heels. 

Let's get this BASIC feature fixed before the holiday season!

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please add me to the feature request as well. 

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With all these scripted responses, I think Elias might be a bot... 

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Jessica, can i limit it to only local delivery? Also, can i adjust pricing for items. For instance if it's a commodity like meat where price fluctuates? 

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What is the logic behind not being able to edit an order?

Maybe we have a lot of "Special" customers, but from the number of requests for this feature I guess we are not alone.

Please shopify this is urgent.

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Hi, @George_Newbie@oliverij@newdobshop@Greenbriar_Mrkt, & @MurrayWillock.

Thanks to everyone joining this thread!

I understand how important this feature is to everyone and I'd be happy to add each of you to this feature request. While I can't explain why editing orders with local delivery/pickup wasn't implemented in the first place, I do hope that with more requests from our merchants - it can help our developers prioritize developing the requested features. When Shopify moves forward with any changes or updates, we'll be sure to announce them on our changelog and updates page.

If you have any other questions on this topic, don't hesitate to let me know!

Elias | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello there! Just got an order placed with my shop and the customer was able to get free shipping (they exceeded an amount that qualified for free shipping) but then they realized that I could have just dropped it off with local delivery. After reading this tread, I see that it is not possible to edit an order from shipping to local delivery, despite them having to pay any shipping fees.


Now, my question is, if I were to pay for the shipping label and never take it to the post office (but deliver it instead) would there be any repercussions to this? In other words, would purchasing the shipping label but never using it affect my website, funds from the purchase, or just anything in general... ? 


Is it possible the customer can mark that the order was delivered via USPS even though I delivered it?