unable to get list of my stores

unable to get list of my stores

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so today i asked a shopify agent to mark an inactive store as "dead" and he did but after that i am unable to access my store through my desktop. when i add log in info the page goes white and continuously reloads itself saying cant load stores and it just repeatedly reloads itself up, i cant even click on the option to try again because the page reloads. I have asked advisors twice already and they say everything is working fine on their end. Even through the shopify app on my phone when i click to see other stores it takes me to safari and that page does the same thing. I restarted my laptop, did updates nothing helps. ill post a pic of what the page say, it took me a few tries because then it reloads and i couldnt get the screen shot lolIMG_0056.PNG

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Hi @TruGladys !


Since the support told you that everything is fine on their end, there might be a local issue going on your end. You can try to contact support for the step-by-step guide on troubleshooting as well. Though, I highly suggest that beside trying in Shopify app, try to switch devices and browsers as well. If none worked, since this is an account issue, it would be best to reach out Shopify advisors again.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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