Unable to move FulfillmentOrder

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I am trying to move a fulfillment order to a new location using the following endpoint:


Body :   


        "fulfillment_order": {

                "new_location_id": 56287264926



but it is giving me error:

StatusCode: 422, ReasonPhrase: 'Unprocessable Entity', {"errors":["Cannot change location."]}

Why am I getting this error?

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Facing the same issue while trying to move the FulfillmentOrder. Currently tried on 2022-04 and 2023-04(latest) API version but both returning errors.


But  I am able to change the location manually using shopify UI.


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Still getting this same error, and I'm checking to see if the location is available to be moved too, and it is. Yes I'm stuck, anyone have any luck in moving locations?

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