Unable to View Click Map, Link Map, ect on Yandex Metrica

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Hello everyone, 


Recently, we installed Yandex tags into our Shopify theme (Dawn theme) following the instructions provided by Yandex, with the aim to record some data. 🙂

- My store: my-store-1278.myshopify.com (123456)

- Link to the instructional article: 


- Screenshot of the imported tag in the theme:





However, we received the following notification:




I reached out to Yandex, and they mentioned that it's related to the CSP header automatically generated by Shopify. Link to the related article:


Hmm, I'm not entirely clear on the article, and I'm wondering what steps I need to take to ensure it operates smoothly. 😕

Is it necessary for anyone using Yandex on a Shopify store to set these up as well?


Is there any way for me to resolve this issue?

Thank you all very much for any advice

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