Unhappy with Refund Fee Policies on Shopify Payments AND 3rd Party

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Hello all,

I own 3 shopify basic stores, and operate another.  I have in development 2 more sites for 2021.  Doing my accounting from my largest store, I just realized that shopify payments has gone the way of paypal, where they thieve your credit card fees (2.9% on basic) if you refund any order.

The average order I have is $6000 on my site, with some in the $10,000+ range.  So if someone cancels an order before it has shipped or returns something I get to pay Shopify $180-$300 to refund the order.   I dropped paypal after using them for 15 years when they started doing this last year.

So what are my options?  My main business credit card processor gives me an attractive rate of less than 1%, and I was just using shopify payments since they do this 2% add-on if you use a third party on basic.  Yet, when I asked shopify to clarify, they told me that they also TAKE the 2% add-on if I refund using a third party CC processor.  This is unbelievable to me!

I've previously suggested many business colleagues use Shopify because it's great, but with these extremely unethical practices, I'm very unhappy with Shopify.  I could technically goto $299 per site a month (up from $30) to get a .5% fee, but I find it ridiculous to pay such a high amount to cancel an order for a customer.  

I'm just very sad that I've wasted so much time and money into building these sites for this monstrosity of a policy to be enacted.   I went to go call Shopify about these concerns and see if they could do anything to keep me as a customer only to learn there is NO MORE PHONE support!  I went on the chat system only to be given the run around and someone giving me answers that don't align with what I was asking.  I eventually asked if I were to stay with my 3+ sites can I get a discount to the $299 plan, which I'd still be a bit irked about the .5% fee being stolen if I refund someone, and was just told only if the sites are dupes for different currencies.  

Now I'm looking around and I see Big Commerce charges NOTHING in the way of transaction fees.  I have to really weigh my options because I don't want to invest into Shopify further if this is how they're stepping all over small businesses.  

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Agree it's outrageous.  Shopify are taking substantial payments from cards they are flagging as high risk.  When you decline the order on the strength of their security recommendation they don't refund the charges.  It's on a par with mugging a granny in a wheelchair.  Daylight robbery!