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I cant find anything by searching the forum, or help.  I want to know if Shopify can supply a unique IP Address.  My understanding from other sources (reviews) is that Shopify does not, but that may be old infor.  In the past I have had huge problems, when being on a common IP address, with spammers.  I was suddenly banned from a number of forums, such as Apache Office, due to having an IP address know to be associated with spammers.  When this happens, they won't even answer your inquiries.   That happened to be on a satellite network, but my understanding is that with these common IP addresses, like I have now, from a cable provider, can cause problems so severe, that Google will even discontinue indexing a site.  I have also read reviews regarding how this can happen at a site like Shopify.

Can Shopify supply a unique IP address?


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I think the reply silence here is deafening on your question. The answer is ... of course it matters. It is a great question and a valid one. Run any web analyzer worth its salt on a web site. If it runs on a shared IP , it will get dinged for that for all the reasons you cite. Dedicated IP's are taken much more seriously than shared on Google. The Google search results prove that. Look at the top shopify sites and then analyze their keywords on Google. For whatever reason, you will see virtually none dominating a keyword string search. Coincidence??? ... maybe. But all run on shared IP addresses. Shopify is a great hosting, store builder and payment processing platform and offers a great product to small businesses needing a web presence for ecommerce. However this is one of several shortcomings one has to deal with if you use the shopify platform. The shared IP is the white elephant in the room and there does not appear to be a workaround.  Regrettable

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To get a dedicated IP , Shopify can be embedded on your own hosted website; or compatible platform that lets you embed javascript.







Additionally there is the forthcoming Hydrogen framework and Oxygen hosting though it is unclear  if IP's will be on the same ranges.

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