Unique links to each customer on their customer account page

Unique links to each customer on their customer account page

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Hello there!


I am looking to add a custom link for each customer when they are logged in to their account.

So each customer will login to their account on our site www.digitalmemorybox.co.uk and they will each see a tab for 'Memory Capsule'. Each customer will have a different link sending them to an external page that is unique to that customer.


I currently use Customer Accounts Hub app which is great but can only provide 1 link for all customers.


Is there a way to do this? 

Thank you!

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Hey @DigitalMemoryBx! The best way to accomplish something like this would probably be to use a customer metafield to store the unique link on each customer's account, and then just display the metafield value on your site.


I am not sure if the Customer Accounts Hub app you are using has built in functionality to display metafield values, but you should also be able to accomplish this by editing the theme code directly to display a metafield value using Liquid.

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