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Unique Shipping Rates for a Single Product

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We are looking to apply the following shipping rules for a few scenarios:
Scenario 1:
All orders get a flat rate shipping of $10 

Scenario 2:
All orders with product X AND any other product in it get the same flat rate shipping of $10
Scenario 3:
All orders of ONLY Product X (no matter what the quantity is) get a separate flat rate shipping of $5.
At first, we set this up using multiple Shipping Profiles. We had a separate profile for "Product X" that applied at a different rate.  This worked well for Scenarios 1 & 3. In Scenario 2, it charged the rate for both Shipping Profiles ($15), which we do not want.

To solve that, we reverted back to one Shipping Profile and created different rates based on price.  Product X is significantly cheaper than the rest of the products in the shop so this solves it in all the scenarios above IF they only order one of Product X in Scenario 3.  If they order multiple of Product X, the price is higher and it sends them into the other flat shipping rates, which we do not want. 

All being said, I'm curious if anyone has a solution for allowing a single product (no matter the quantity ordered) to trigger a different rate. Excluding that rate if this single product is combined with any other product. 
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Hi, @kinful


Thanks for posting to the Community. I hope your day is off to a good start. 


The issue you are seeing with your shipping is definitely a common one. Unfortunately, your perfect scenario is not achievable without an app. A great app for providing extremely specific shipping rates is Advanced Shipping Rules. This will allow you to adjust every detail of your shipping settings perfectly. 


If you want to achieve this natively without a third party solution, your best option would be to tweak the rates. Essentially this would mean providing $10 flat rate shipping across the board. That being said, can you provide me more context into your shipping strategy and why you are looking for these precise rates? For example, are you shipping from two different warehouses, or the weights of the individual products are substantial? This will help us provide a more tailored approach to your problem. 


Another approach to consider is free shipping. If you are an ecommerce based business only, you can include the cost of shipping into the actual product price. For example, instead of charging customers $20 for your product, you're charging $25 and providing free shipping. This way, you not only have your shipping costs covered, but you also have more wiggle room when it comes to future promotions. Additionally, customers tend to be more willing to pay a higher price for a product, then to pay for shipping.


I hope this helps! I look forward to your response. Feel free to also include your store's domain so I can have a peak!


Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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