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Unrecoverable Error Symptoms in QuickBooks

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Quickbooks unrecoverable error code

  • QuickBooks crashes either when you first open it or while you are performing a certain operation.
  • The update either does not begin or takes an inordinate amount of time to complete. As a result, they are left unfinished.
  • QuickBooks freezes and does not allow the current windows or the main application window to be closed.
    “Cannot save transactions in QuickBooks business file” OR “Cannot locate saved transactions in QuickBooks company file”
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Hi Nick,

I'm assuming you are trying to trying to import orders/update stock with some 3rd party tool.  It's difficult to say what is happening within your system with the limited information provided; there are so many things that can trigger those errors.  If you are open a different integration option with close support, consider CartSpan to get the job done.  Managing the cross-references between QuickBooks Item Names and the internal references that Shopify uses is critical to making successful calls to the server.  How gracefully (or poorly) an integrating application these failed calls can result in the experience you are having.  CartSpan has really good mechanisms for managing these cross-references and has evolved to handling 'hiccups' in a way that doesn't completely abort the update process.