UPC upload failed miserably

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So, I am switching from Quickbooks point of sale to Shopify. Uploaded over 7000 UPC's to them last weekend. Seems pretty effortless, UPC's by definition are 12 digits but somehow Shopify imported them as 13 digit. Needless to say we are going on day 4 where we are unable to scan product with 600+ customers per day coming through. Support is basically useless, just tell you to wait 2 to 4 more hours. Tough to do with 10 customers in line and 5 frustrated staff. We finally tonight created a formula on our own to attempt to remove the 1st digit in every UPC in excel and re-uploaded it to Shopify. We will see if it works. Would love some help as they are only open until 2pm mountain standard time (US) and seem unable to assist. May switch to another POS provider. Didn't think it could be worse than Quickbooks. Any help out there?

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How are things going now?  Currently experiencing nonproductive onboarding.  I have taken back most of my negative thoughts about QB POS.  QB POS was very powerful and easy to use.  I am hopeful it is just a learning curve and that Shopify is serving you well now🤞