Update / Adjust fulfill date on placed orders and then sort the list of orders by fulfillment date

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Most of our customers will place a fresh bouquet order online and suggest a delivery or pickup date. 25-40% of the time, we need to adjust the fulfillment date to combine deliveries or accommodate customer pickup dates. Is there a way to update the placed orders' fulfillment date and then sort the list of orders by fulfillment date?

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You're definitely right that it's important to be able to adjust and sort your order fulfillment dates to keep things organized and efficient. While Shopify doesn't have a built-in feature for this, there are a few apps that can help you do this. One option is "Order Editing", which allows you to edit and reschedule orders directly from your Shopify admin. Another option is "Order Fulfillment Assistant", which allows you to reorder, re-prioritize, and reschedule orders. These apps are both paid, but they might be worth the investment for your business. What do you think?


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Hi @TFCL ,
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--Changing Fulfillment Date:

Manually: Open the order, click "Fulfill," choose "More options" -> "Create a fulfillment," set new date, and create the fulfillment.
Apps: Explore options like Orderhive, Shippment, Skubana, or Ordergroove (may require fees).
Scripts & APIs (Advanced): Utilize Shopify APIs to update dates programmatically.

--Sorting by Fulfillment Date:

Go to "Orders."
Click "Fulfilled" filter.
Click "Fulfilled at" header to sort fulfilled orders (latest to earliest by default, click again to reverse).

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