Updated version of Icon theme by Underground

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I'm in the process of updating my theme to the newest version of Icon by Underground (not published yet) but I've run into a problem with the mobile view of my slideshow (it looks fine on the desktop view). As you can see from the photo below, there is a ridiculous amount of space between the slideshow image and the button. The text (you can't see it because its white) and button are supposed to be overlaid on the image. All of my slideshow images are 1920 x 900 Pixels as per the guidelines from Underground. Would really appreciate any suggestions for how I might fix this - preferably without any coding. Capture.PNG

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Did you get an answer to this? I noticed that you posted in June. I am having the same problem too, a lot of bugs on the new theme especially the mobile site version. Desktop version seems fine. 


My shop now button takes up half of the image and I have a huge white space between the mobile slideshow and the rest of the website, I have tried the resolutions they suggest and I also tried square images incase that was the issue. I have contacted their support, fingers crossed that they can help with this asap. 


The social media links are also not working for me, and also featured product on the homepage I keep getting an HTML error. 


I hope they can fix these errors as soon as possible because that aside, the updates and new features do look quite promising. 

Sorry my reply does not help but I wanted to reply in the hope you had the solution already!