Upgrading to shopify plus with multiple stores

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Right now I have 2 separate shopify stores and plan to add another soon. Our first is fast growing and we consider moving to Shopify Plus as our projected revenue this year should cross 1 million $.

As I understand it, you can have multiple stores under one shopify plus plan.


Would I be able to move existing stores into main shopify plus account?

If so, will I just have one shopify plus plan and pay one invoice based on total sales of all 3 stores combined?

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It depends on whether your stores are under the same 'brand' or not.  


Your main store and 9 expansion stores are included as part of your monthly platform fee. For additional stores, it costs an extra $250 per month per store, or a revenue share across all stores.

*If you have multiple brands under the same company, you will need a separate Shopify Plus contract per brand.

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