Upload an Image via Code

Upload an Image via Code

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I'm after help and i have tried contacting shopify directly but not getting anywhere. I have beign provided a code to a badge that shows i am insured. I have tried just copying the image that shows up and using put it dose not show the words clearl and comes out to pialated do this as the image next to the code is small. I have already tried enhancing the image but that dose not work, due to the quality of the image being poor. I want to know if anyone knows how you add a code to the website to show the image? I ideally want it on the footer of my website so it appears on all the pages, but there is no way for me to add in a code for the image to come throught. If anyone knows how to use the code to get the image to apear that would be great.

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Hi @CanineHelp 

This is Richard at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app.



I understand your frustration with the small, blurry insurance badge image and Shopify's support not being helpful. Here are two ways to add the badge using the code, even without a high-quality image:

1. Using the Code Directly:

  • Check Code Type: First, see if the code provided is for embedding an image directly (like an iframe) or just the HTML code for the badge itself (with an <img> tag).

  • Shopify Theme Editor: Navigate to your Shopify admin and go to Online Store > Themes. Click "Customize" next to your active theme.

  • Check for Code Injection: Look for a section in the theme editor that allows adding custom code snippets. This option might be named "Header," "Footer," or "Layout." Important: Not all Shopify themes allow code injection due to security reasons.

  • Add the Code: If you find a code injection section, carefully paste the provided code snippet following any specific instructions.

2. Uploading a New Image:

  • Contact Badge issuer for New Image: If possible, reach out to the party that provided the insurance badge and request a higher-resolution image file. Explain that the current image quality is too low for website use.

  • Upload the Image: Once you have a good quality image file, upload it to your Shopify theme's asset library. In the theme editor, navigate to the "Assets" section and upload the image.

  • Use the Image in the Footer: In the footer section of the theme editor (where you wanted the badge), find the option to add an image. Select the uploaded badge image from your theme's asset library.


Hoping my solution helps you solve your problem.

Best regards,

Richard | PageFly


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