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Upsell a different variant of a product

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I am having a difficult time finding the right app for upselling a different variant of a product. 

In my case, I have products with several different sizes of options. What I am trying to achieve is to upsell a bigger one in a popup if small size is added to the cart. If a customer chooses to upgrade, I need to delete the original item from the card and add a different variant.

We have over 100 products with the same sizing options. All of them have unique SKUs, small are ending with -01, medium -02, large -03. So for example, if a customer adds to cart 1000-01, I want to display a pop-up and upsell 1000-03 and replace it in the cart if the customer adds this option.

Another option could be to allow the customer to add 1000-01 and on top of that, an upsell product but with a reference to 1000-01, like metadata. We are using order desk for the fulfilment so I would be able to handle such case with this option too.

Does anyone have a suggestion on the app that could do this sort of thing? Thanks in advance!


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App Selly has an up-sell feature that can help you to suggest customers to upgrade their product variant:

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I am also looking for this. Did you find anything for this yet?