URGENT Account is flagged (STAFF)

URGENT Account is flagged (STAFF)

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My account has been flagged, deactivating multiple websites I manage. Why were all my websites targeted, especially when three were not even live? How could they been a risk? 

This is urgent and I still got no response after 1 month,it severely impacts my business. Please can someone review my account and or at least explain the reasons for the flagging because it’s impossible that 7 of my websites suddenly all pose a risk?? There has to be a misunderstanding that we can resolve?


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@Achrafdgx thanks for posting here. your issue is critical so I suggest to remove other staff accounts, transfer the store to another email or talk to support person.

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Thats the risk i guess, 7 shops.

Really, what do you sell in 7 shops? XD