URGENT Can't access support or create tickets..!

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Hi, I've been trying for the past few days to reach a human support person inside shopify without any responses.
Your chatbot keeps prompting me to "Got it! Click select a store to connect with a Support Advisor.

Select a storeConnect with a Support Advisor" and when I click that button it takes me to a broken link/page which is not working. I've tried every single solution: 
  • Clear your Cache and Cookies.
  • Access the shop in an Incognito Tab. 
  • Try accessing the shop from Another Browser (i.e Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  • Try Another Device. 
  • Try accessing from the Shopify Mobile App. 
  • Try Restarting your device.
  • Make sure your device is Up To Date. 

And still, NOTHING! This is getting extremely frustrating and we can't even have support to solve the main issue!! We're losing customers, orders & our business is critically affected by this! I URGENTLY need a human support person to get in touch with. 

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If your issue is related to website problems you can send me a message with the details and I can see if I can solve the problem. 

Beaux Barker

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Hi @sawy 

You can contact Here: https://help.shopify.com/en/questions/buyer-complaint#/customer-support


If you have any kind of problem in your Shopify store. You can say it freely.

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