URGENT help with brooklyn newsletter subscribe button

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Dear all, 

Suddenly my subscribe button on the newsletter section isn't working! If I click on subscribe, it leads me to a "something went wrong" page (too many requests or reCaptcha validation request failed). Everything worked fine in the past.. the button should behave like in the following: 

- if you click subscribe, but you didn't enter an email, it should say "Field cannot be empty"

- if you click subscribe with an already existing email, it should also say something like "this email has already subscribed"

- if you click on subscribe and enter new email it should just go back to the homepage

Non of this is happening and I don't know what happened or what I did wrong...


I would appreciate your help! thanks in advance, Yana 





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Hi Yana,

I'm experiencing something similar:

Just configured a new newsletter signup field and I'm alternating b/t CAPTCHA errors and no response whatsover – the page just reloads with no confirmation or alert. (My old signup field seems to more often return CAPTCHA errors, whereas the new field just doesn't do jack squat.)

Also, I'm not receiving any emails when testing the forms – whether the email entered is new or preexisting.

Tried disabling/reenabling CAPTCHA as well as leaving it off, neither seem to help.

Really a PITA.



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@whitleyreed  @KristerB @pjcaughey @kernerya 

Hi guys, not sure why the other newsletter error thread was locked, but wanted to let you know I had some – very limited – success isolating at least some of the issue (mayyybe) to VPN interaction w Google reCAPTCHA.

I disabled VPN and was able to see correct functionality, if temporarily, entering an email addy and with successful confirmation message.

Unfortunately I'm still not receiving confirmation emails no matter any form entry success.

Hopefully some of this helps a bit... I'll be reaching out to my theme provider (NM! fixed it! see below edit) and if yours is Shopify-provided I think their support should (hopefully) be able to help you... at least per Shopify staff in other thread.

Best of luck, and please do let me know if you have any success or other ideas... What a PITA.




EDIT: Found a thread that helped me out! Hopefully it will help you too.