Re: URGENT: One-Page Checkout Prevents Mandatory Prop65 Compliance for California Orders. Solutions?

URGENT: One-Page Checkout Prevents Mandatory Prop65 Compliance for California Orders. Solutions?

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With the transition to the One-Page checkout, our ability to display a Prop65 warning to California shipping addresses, as required by CA state law, no longer works. Proposition 65, as a refresher, is a California law that requires most consumer goods sold shipped to CA addresses to be accompanied by a legal warning at time of checkout and displayed clearly to the consumer.


The Warnify plugin we relied on in the past that was triggered by CA shipping addresses on the 3-page checkout is no longer effective with the 1-pg checkout for Basic & Advanced plans. Other geo-targeting apps based on IP addresses fall short since the IP and shipping address can differ, making them non-compliant with the law if the IP originates from a different state but the shipping address is in CA.


Shopify support initially proposed alternatives which, upon thorough examination, proved to be incompatible. They initially insisted that the Warnify app would work with the new one-page checkout, but after prompting them to test it, they conceded that it wasn’t compatible. Another suggestion was to display the warning universally to all customers, which is not an effective solution. It could raise unwarranted concerns among customers outside California, paralleling how SaaS platforms like Shopify generally exclude GDPR warnings for non-EU countries when not mandated by their laws.


The Warnify plugin developers have been contacted multiple times by myself for possible workarounds, and their response has been consistent: they can only proceed if granted limited access to certain checkout extension features in Basic or Advanced plans that allow geo-targeting based on shipping addresses.


This isn't a request for an additional "bells & whistle" feature, but a plea for assistance on a required legal compliance issue. The customer support's stance has been essentially, "upgrade to Plus or deal with it," which seems dismissive given the gravity of legal compliance and threat of legal costs for non-compliance.


Was this change to block geo-targeting of required legal warnings an oversight or an intentional move during the transition to the 1-pg checkout?


How can we now display the legally mandated compliance statements to California customers on Shopify? This oversight poses a significant challenge for small businesses striving to adhere to CA law and evade hefty litigation costs. Ideally, it should be a built-in feature like how Amazon offers it and should not require an external paid app or plugin at all.

Please either: 1) Allow us to revert to old 3-pg checkout until the Geo-Targeted Prop65 issue is resolved, 2) allow Warnify plugin to access geotargeting to display Prop65 to CA consumers, or 3) offer Prop65 compliance as a built-in feature.

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In the same boat. Have you found a solution?

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Has anyone found a solution to this?

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Hi, @awaken24!

Thanks for your comment.


I understand that you are experiencing a similar issue. By default, the checkout layout on your store is set to one-page checkout. However, you can switch between one-page checkout and three-page checkout from your Shopify admin to ensure that you are able to meet your compliance requirements. Feel free to learn how to change your checkout layout on a Shopify Plus store, or a non-Shopify Plus store.

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Use the app called Checkout Blocks and create a custom dynamic block with a conditional rule to appear when California is selected as the state. It works with 1-page checkout.


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