Urgent Request for Resolution of 6 Years of Unauthorized Charges and Lack of Support

Urgent Request for Resolution of 6 Years of Unauthorized Charges and Lack of Support

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Dear Shopify Community,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am reaching out to share a serious and ongoing issue with our Shopify subscription, hoping to get a resolution. In September 2019, we placed our store on pause. Three months later, we requested termination of the subscription as we no longer used the store and had lost access to it. Shopify confirmed that the subscription was terminated. However, despite this confirmation, we have been charged $9 + tax every month since November 2019.

We only noticed these unauthorized charges last year during an account review by our accountant. Immediately, we brought this issue to Shopify's attention. Despite providing all requested information and documents promptly, Shopify has failed to resolve the matter. Our emails over the past eight months have been ignored, and our attempts to resolve the issue via webchat have been met with frustration.

All our interactions via webchat have been with chatbots, not real humans. These chatbots are unprofessional and unhelpful, merely wasting our time instead of providing any real assistance. Today, when we again tried to address this issue, the representative was dismissive and closed the chat when we requested escalation to someone who could actually help.

We love Shopify and have always appreciated the platform, which makes this situation even more mind-boggling and frustrating. We cannot understand why our requests are being ignored, and why such an excellent service has such poor support in this instance.

To resolve this matter, we urgently request the following actions:

  1. Immediate Termination: Terminate our subscription immediately to prevent further unauthorized charges.
  2. Full Refund: Refund all charges made to our account since November 2019.
  3. Confirmation: Provide formal confirmation of the termination and refund process, including a detailed statement of all transactions during this period.

We genuinely hope that by sharing our story here, someone from Shopify will take notice and help us resolve this matter. We believe in the potential of Shopify and would like to continue being a satisfied customer.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.

Paying customer

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i can not resolve it but i agree with the service its getting worse over the years.

Especially for reaching Spotify out. I never had any problem yet, needed to contact them myself. But i can imagine its annoying.

I was reading it often in the forum, people having this problem. To be ignored.


But sorry, your accountant missed it since 2019? 🙂


 I will follow up.