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I have seen some previous discussions about this but with no resolution.

I am trying to add a URL metafield to my product pages, but the product section doesn't have a block available that allows the URL metafield to be utilized. It's simply not in the list of dynamic sources for any of the available blocks.


Here are my block options. I'll go through each. 

 - Sharing doesn't allow the input of anything, just returns a message that says "No customizable settings available."

 - Local pickup only allows for the input of an address/location.

 - Text only allows the dynamic source of single or multiple line text metafields.

 - Liquid doesn't have a dynamic source button, just a text field.

 - Icon only allows for the following dynamic sources: logos, colors, and single line text metafields.



The only way I see around this is to create an additional product template for the products I want the URL listed on, and add a text field block with the URL/link typed there. 

I shouldn't have to go that route being that the metafield option is there...it just won't work. Anyone have more information on this?


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'm trying to add a URL metafield to my product pages, but none of the available blocks support it. Here's a summary of the blocks and their limitations:

  1. Sharing: No customizable settings available, so it can't be used for input.
  2. Local pickup: Only allows for an address/location input, not a URL.
  3. Text only: Supports single or multiple line text metafields, but not specifically a URL metafield.
  4. Liquid: Only provides a text field, without a button for selecting a dynamic source.
  5. Icon only: Supports logos, colors, and single line text metafields, but doesn't include support for URL metafields.

Considering these limitations, you may need to explore alternative solutions or customizations to incorporate the URL metafield into your product pages. Consult the platform's documentation or support resources for more guidance on this matter.

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