USA Taxes for Dropshipping Oberlo & Aliexpress

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Hello guys. I'm new here and I have some questions. If anyone can help me will be good.

My operation is 100% dropshipping Oberlo & Aliexpress and my company is in Texas (8,25% de tax).

The invoices from Chinese suppliers are in the name of my company and the customers don't have any invoice... 

1) Am I required to send an invoice on behalf of my company? Or is just order confirmation enough?

2) Do I have to collect taxes or not? Should I collect the total order amount including shipping?

The Chinese suppliers highlight taxes on their invoices (vary by state of delivery)...

3) Do you have any special arrangements for me not to pay for these taxes? That's because if I'm going to tax the final consumer, it's like he paid double.

Thank you

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