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Hi all, I want to use my product CSV file to delete/add color variants in bulk. I've made these changes a few times and imported back with no errors. but the changes do not take effect and I cannot figure out why. 

I am using a bundle app to create the products so am wondering if that interferes with things but as I understand it picks up data from the individually created products in shopify which the CSV file manages so it shouldn't be a problem.

I' ve read most of the resources and I know this is a fairly simple thing but would love it if somebody could offer some help! ! 




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CSV files can only create products or update existing products. It does not allow for the deletion of existing products. To delete existing products/variants you will need to manually delete them from within the admin. 

That said, if the products are managed by an app, then the CSV import may not sync the products to the app itself. I'd recommend contacting the app developer to confirm if using a CSV file is the best way to update products linked to their app. Most apps include a way to contact the developer from within the app interface. If not, then you can find the contact information for the app developer by viewing the app page in the Shopify App store. 

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