Using existing products as variants

Using existing products as variants

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Is it possible to use existing products as a variant? ie. Product is a tshirt, there 3 colours of tshirts that have all been set up as separate products and they come in 3 sizes, which have also been set up as different products, so you have 9 products in total.

Can you use those existing products as variants? So when you're on a product page you can see the tshirt in all the colours available and sizes. Using the products that are setup with their existing inventory, so you don't have to manually create variants? Which would mean changing around your inventory. Theme is prestige 1.0. Thanks

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Hi @AR28 ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

Shopify doesn't link existing products as variants, but you have options for your t-shirts:

  1. Recommended (Organized): Manually create variants for each color product. This offers a clear product view with easy size selection and better inventory management.

  2. Faster Setup (Less Organized): Create a new "T-Shirt (All Colors)" product (no inventory management). Then create a collection with all your color t-shirt products. This is faster but customers can't choose color and size on a single product page.

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Hi @AR28 ,


We can add the products to the meta field and use them an variants.

But for this, we do have to use custom code.


Let me know if you need any assistance.


Thank you

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