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Using Tags To Remove Add To Cart/Buy Now For Specific Products

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I am using the Berlin theme and the product pages are product.json when I look at the code


I want to be able to use tags to identify certain products that are available in-store only thus we will not have the Add To Cart or Buy Now options on these products.


I have found tutorials on how to do this in liquid files but nothing in JSON.


Any idea how I can accomplish this?

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On which theme you are trying to achieve this?


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Hi @GrJohn 


Go to your Online store > Themes > Customize > open a product page, then add a Custom Liquid block with the below code:


{%- if product.tags contains "store_item" -%}
		.product-form__buttons {display: none !important;}
{%- endif -%}


Above code will hide quantity/add to cart/buy buttons from the products which contains the tag 'store_item'


If you want to use other product tag then specify the same tag in the above code.


Watch the attached video to see how to do this. I hope this helps 🙂

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Thanks for the help I will give it a try! Would there be any way to replace the Add to cart/buy now options with a different button that linked to another website?