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I'm trying to find the best solution to be able to sell a set amount of items within a few different options


I create custom items, the customer can pick a shape and size but I would like to limit the amount of items that can be purchased overall to what I can produce. 


For example: I'm creating a set of press on nails and I want to be able to sell a maximum of 10 sets. But the customer can pick the size and shape they want the nails in.

Once they pick a shape and size and make the purchase I would like ALL variants to have one unit deducted from them so that I will only ever sell 10 total sets, irregardless of the variant combinations available.


Thank you for help in advance!

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Hi @nailsbykaz,

For an easy fix, consider the Easify Product Options app (free plan available). It lets you set up Shape and Size options directly in the app, avoiding the need to create them as separate Shopify variants. This way, you can set a general quantity of 10 for your nail set product without getting into specific quantities for each option or variant 🤗.

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