Variant thumbnails no longer linking to drop down menu

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Two weeks ago... when I add a photo to a product variant - ON the variant page, the end user would be able to click on the thumbnail image and the drop down box with the variant name would change. 


As of yesterday, this doesn't work. Even variants within the same product - some thumbnails are linked but the newest variants are no longer linked - the drop down box doesn't switch to the new variant. 


How do I fix this? 

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I'm having this same exact issue. Did you ever get it resolved?

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I had to choose a new theme. I found out that with paid accounts, we are supposed to get 60 minutes of customization help with a Shopify programmer - so I had to ask several help desk people for that. I wasn’t not able to speak directly to a Shopify programmer - they don’t let you. I had to ask a help desk person, who would then send my request via email to a programmer. The programmer was wonderful and added extra functionality to a new theme for me for free. I had previously paid a third party $250 back in 2020 to do what she did. (2023 third party price was $600).

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Having the same issue. I have a couple of old items that are set as draft due to the product being discontinued so i tried to use those products with new content and images. Still having the same issue. I don't know anything about code or how to navigate them. Looking for someone to fix the issue. This is the one i added yesterday.

I removed all but 2 images until the issue is resolved.