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Hello everyone,


I need help finding a solution. It will be best if I explain it specifically:


I sell seals with different motifs (I currently have about 40-50 motifs on offer). And these seals can be sold:
-separately, without handle
-with handle (various types)
-in a gift set (various types)

These possibilities are not unlimited and with so many motifs, I would need to have "another stock" for those options such as handles and gift sets. Even the handles and sets can be sold separately (someone already has their sealer and just needs another handle, etc.)
So my question is, is there a way to make these products linked to each other?
With the current store, I have the only option to edit it manually as a variant for each theme, which is very annoying with such a large amount and, above all, it often happens that I don't have time or forget.

Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

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Hi @EliskaM,

Your concerns can be effectively addressed using the Easify Product Options app, a powerful tool that simplifies the management of your Seal, Handle, and Gift Set products. With this app, you can create Handle and Gift Set products as options for your main Seal products while ensuring seamless inventory management 🤗.



Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up these options using the app:

  • Create separate products for Seal, Handle, and Gift Set.
  • Install the app and set up a new option set.
  • Add an option that allows customers to choose whether they want a Handle or not, using the Checkbox option type.



  • Create another option to select the Handle type if the previous checkbox is selected. Choose a suitable option display type like Image Swatches, Dropdown, Radio Buttons... and use the Conditional logic feature to ensure that Handle options are displayed only when the checkbox is selected. You can also utilize the Add-on Product feature to link the Handle options with the existing Handle product's variants.






  • Similarly, you can create Gift Set options.



  • Finally, select the main Seal product(s) to which you want to add the above options, and you're all set!




If you have any questions or if any part of this process is unclear, just let me know 😊!

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Hi @EliskaM 


You can use any bundle app to link your products.


It can also be done by custom dev in your theme, ping us for custom dev.

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