Vent: Absolute worst shopify customer service experience ever.

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Pure VENT:


We have a store that we have been building for a while. 2 weeks ago, we got hit with the " We can't load your page" error because xxx mail does not have permission (which I clearly do have). We have seen this error before and most of the time we could solve it by changing the browser or clearing cache etc...


This time we couldn't solve it so we contacted customer support. We thought this would be a very simple fix from their side but no. After countless hours and numerous attempts talking to customer service, all we got was "This issue has been escalated to our Accounts team, there is nothing we can do about it"


After more than a week, the ticket still has not been responded despite it being "escalated", there is absolutely no response from them. No reasoning, no help, no response no nothing. (This is with me asking them to help every 2 days, still nothing).


Just today, we have already decided to move on and start a new store elsewhere, well then guess what? Our URL is attached with the store, and again, Shopify customer service cannot do anything about it since the "Accounts team" that DOES NOT RESPOND will take care of it. So basically, Shopify is not even attempting to help and fix my issue, and in the meantime they are holding my URL hostage. A URL that we paid a good amount of money for. 


This is an incredibly frustrating experience, especially since we have been using Shopify since 2016. This is simply a vent, but this simple encounter with Shopify has resulted in a team that has worked for 3 months tirelessly to prepare for the store disbanded. 

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