Very bad move of suspending stores

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Shopify recently started suspending stores for selling products which are in high demand due to COVID-19 like masks, hand sanitizers, etc. Which I think was a very bad move.

Although I commend them for taking steps against stores selling these products at very high gauged prices but the move of outright suspending the stores was not properly executed as many other store which are not selling these items are also affected.

This action did not solve any problem but has increased problems and frustration for people who completely rely on Shopify for their livelihood.This move has blocked the livelihood for those people especially at such times of crisis.

They could had taken care of this situation by this way.
1) Send warning to unpublish the flagged items withing 48 - 72 hours but letting other unflagged products to sell normally.
2) Ask to upload evidence of the flagged products that they are not related to those items related to COVID-19.
2) Then if any store wants to sell masks and other products they should provide some kind of application to list these items to sell on store with their recommended price.

This move by Shopify was so bad.

I suggest everyone to comment or send message to Shopify on their social channels.

Already started searching for Shopify Alternatives.

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This practice is deeply unwarranted, and unnecessarily harsh on small businesses. I'm a certified formulator who makes a portable sized hospital-grade skin and surface sanitizer. At $3 and $6, I'm making NO money on these. Commercial product has additives, gellants and chemical fragrance that can dramatically reduce effectiveness. In the email from the Risk Analyst, she demanded paperwork justifying my cost versus grocery store junk (which she quoted as 20% less than I'm selling per ounce - we are literally talking pennies here!).  No deadline included, and she pulled product from the site so it couldn't be sold. I had hand surgery on my dominant hand the day after the first email, and had my husband start to compile invoices on my computer since I'm out of commission. I woke up today - just a few days after the warning - to another email from the same analyst. "Since she didn't hear back" (from TWO days ago) she's now suspended my admin privileges.  I couldn't sell any products in question because she removed them, and though there was no time frame on the original warning, I've somehow exceeded the secret time allotted and am not allowed to continue selling anything. During COVID.  This is just wrong in so many ways.  Shopify is clearly getting an earned reputation for being far too controlling and making specious pre-judgments - in America, it's innocent until proven guilty. That may not be the Canadian way, but with almost exclusive reliance on U.S. business to float their own, I hope management takes note.

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We have contacted the ACCC & the AFCA obtained legal advice regarding this issue. 

Shopify is currently in breach of multiple laws in Australia. The most significant is offering a financial service (Simular to Paypal) via Shopify payments while not being registered with the AFCA 


The AFCS has taken a significant interest in the evidence I have supplied and seems they will be pursuing this matter further. 

I hope Shopify is penalised for there actions on this matter.


The last time the ACCC got involved with an international company, they received a fine of 3 Million (refer to ACCC VS Steam


Although the circumstance here are different, I do expect their actions will be placed on a similar scale. 


If you are in Australia and have experienced this issue, please take a moment to report all the details to the;





The cowboys at Shopify won't know what hit them! 

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Hi everyone, I was also effected. I made a post to gather interest from all of you affected for a possible lawsuit:
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how long after your store was suspended did it take to unblock.  Mine was suspended today for supposedly selling hand sanitiser even though the lines were inactive on shopify. 

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hello bro,

I just running my store and selling different things like kitchen items,and according to me i don't brake any of shopify terms and conditions.I don't know why suddenly my store is  any one there to help me how i will get it again if its possible.

thanks in advance

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To everyone suffering from the substantial lost and has been affected by the unethical behavior of the ceo of this company. I have good news. With the link below you can report this company and demand compensation for selling practices and not fulfilling their promise.

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Shopify said I failed to meet their use policy and that I am selling products for Covid. I wrote the Risk Force back and they didn't even read my email. Rather just took my payments off.  IM STILL IN TRIAL. I HAVENT EVEN SOLD 1 THING!  I DO NOT SELL FACE MASKS.  My emergency kits that typically have them HAVE (NO MASKS) right on the title because we don't sell them when they are needed other places... WOW. This is horrible service. Talk about bogus trial. You need better customer service on that task force y'all set up. And can actually do their job vs relying on a computer to take notes.  The guy on the phone said it would be cleared up after he reviewed my site. He was NOT part of the task force but a real human who can respond to real questions.. NOT JUST DEMANDS.

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Im going to bookmark this page. Thank you.

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Jesus Christ! While I was reading the thread I wonder if it was just a mistake of the risk analyst or an unfair company policy in general. Definitely gonna bookmark this thread. I'm selling household products in my online store and have first aid kits among them. They do contain masks and sanitizers and I have no idea that there may be any problem with that. I just imagined if Shopify removed all the goods from my store it would be a nightmare. The store is our only income source because my husband was fired during the covid. Also, we have a mortgage loan which is hard to pay now so we have to hire a Mortgage Broker Derby  to help us to reduce the monthly payments so we can survive through these difficult times.