Very low page Speed on DAWN-Theme

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our complete Site has a very low page speed. So it shows to me on We use the DAWN-Theme.


HomePage SpeedScore: Desktop -> 75

HomePage SpeedScore: Mobile -> 30


I'm not a developper, but I checked everything on my own and this a short demonstration:

  • There are no broken Links
  • There is no additional code in CSS or JavaScript so as I know Shopify automatically minifies them
  • The pictures have a dimension of 1920x1400 (Header-Image), approximately 1080x1080 (other images) and additionally recured with TinyJPG. Also Shopify change the format from JPG to WEBP
  • Lazyloading for pictures is automatically on.
  • Page Pre-Loading with "Booster: Page Speed Optimizer" (but this has no affects on the SpeedScore)
  • Only installed the apps we need


Does anyone have an idea how to increase the speed? 

  • Is there another good app instead of "Booster: Page Speed Optimizer"?
  • Or should I use the app "Fire AMP" for AMP-Pages?


I appreciate every comment







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You have created your website with the best practice. However, if you are using apps on the website, surely your website speed will be slow.


You need to handle the app's serve time.