Very Slow Response from Support Team for Payouts

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I contacted Shopify support via chat on Monday for an urgent banking issue, Im thinking Ive been hacked. Chatted with support opened a ticket, waited 3 days. Wrote and chatted repeatedly for 5+ days and no response. Chat reps claimed that they "escalated the matter".


This issue is now extremely urgent . The lack of response and inability to reach this super-special secret department gives me pause on whether to move forward with Shopify. What is this happens again?


Has anyone else encountered this issue and have advice/support/ways to get a response? This seems like a poor way to handle urgent financial security matters as it stands.

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You are not alone! Same here. Literally been 2 weeks since I contacted shopify about this urgent matter. Im trying to transfer and update important billing payout info. Its so easy to get to the support team but the security team??? Opposite. Its so stressful honestly. Its been almost two weeks you expect such a “professional” site makers team would be on top of it especially the SECURITY TEAM. Imagine if worse scenarios happened and got hack?? Im so disapointed. Leaves you helpless.