Video recently stopped working on mobile devices - ????

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My video has been working for some weeks. 


Recently I checked my store and it's stopped loading. Just the grey placeholder.


It's only 9.5mb. I've re-encoded it, and re-uploaded. Same result. Broken.


Also I notice that my shopify speed score increased by 5 points on the 15th of Sept from 65 to 70. I haven't changed anything. It's likely been broken for all this time. How disapointing.


Any fixes shopify staff?


I note that when I went to post this I got an error screen - yellow with red text - another symptom of a broken and buggy platform. Yikes.



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Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you identify and resolve the problem:


Check Video Format and Compatibility
Mobile Browser Compatibility
Clear Browser Cache
Video Hosting
Responsive Design
Update Embed Codes
Contact Shopify Support
Consider Alternative Video Hosting

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Thanks for the response. Appreciated.


To your suggestions:

Check Video Format and Compatibility - Done. Working fine now not.
Mobile Browser Compatibility - Done. Working fine now not.
Clear Browser Cache - Done. Problem persists. Tried a VPN too to see if it was the shopify CDN. It isn't.
Video Hosting - Shopify is hosting and I'm paying. So Done.
Responsive Design. N/A
Update Embed Codes. N/A
Contact Shopify Support. Pending Shopify response here.
Consider Alternative Video Hosting. Surely last resort?