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Hi there, 


I would like to offer a volume based discount but not a discount a fixed price, I saw the article on B2b but cannot figure out how to get it to work in basic shopify other than creating variations which i do not want to do doe to replicating sku and bardcode etc.


For example: 

Product A MSRP = 10.00

Product A x 2 = 19.00 (-1.00)

Product A x 3 = 27.00 (-3.00)

Product A x 4 = 35.00 (-5.00) 

Here is the help article but for B2B, this is more or less what I am after. 



There must be a way in shopify basic? 


Thanks in advance. 

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I should also say I want to show this on the product page, so when the quantity is increase the customer sees the new price. 

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You can create options such as Buy more Save more for your product as variants:

- 1 item

- 2 items

- 3 items 

- 4 items



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Thanks but I want to avoid creating variations at all costs. It creates confusion in the warehouse as the are sold in singles so all variations have the same barcode. Risk is someone orders 4 and gets 1.