Wade from Risk Analyst Never Responded Back!

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I forgot to update my new credit card info, and they shut down my site, I couldn’t even log in to update my CC info. Reached out, Wade from Risk Department responded within the next day to tell me there’s a bank issue from charging the old card. I responded letting them know the situation, they responded back within 2 hours and gave me a billing link to pay. 

After I paid, I emailed back, haven’t heard back for 2 full days! I followed up with emails 5 times, no one respond, not even a single update. This just feels like a total scam, at least tell your users what’s up so they have an idea what’s next. 

I started Live Chats with multiple reps, and they are all useless in helping me resolve a case that’s just sitting at the Wade desk. No offer to elevate the case, nothing. Just told me to wait. How long do I wait? They said they don’t know, just wait. Wait until the zombie apocalypse? I don’t know, just wait. 

It’s the holiday season, I am losing sales, traffic and much more than I can list here. I can’t get ANYTHING out from my own site, and all traffic is directed to nothing. I hope Shopify understand how serious this is to any size business, not only the big guys matter here, small business is the foundation to any big business, you can’t even serve your small businesses well. Total disappointment here. 

This is getting beyond frustrating and making me feel my small business is being held hostage, so unacceptable! 

If any of the Shopify Support team member has any mercy left, I really need my site back up running today. It’s not right to take the charge and just ghost on your clients like this. 


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Thank you for bringing this to the Community. I can appreciate that this is a frustrating situation, especially since you hope to have the issue resolved in a timely manner. Our Risk team has a general timeframe of 24-72 hours when it comes to email replies. Wade was likely in office at the time of your replies which is why they were able to respond within 2 hours; however, should they not be in office, then response times may vary. Nevertheless, our teams will follow up with you as soon as they have reviewed your response. 

Our general support is unable to provide insight into the delays as they are only able to see the open ticket our Risk team has. The ticket can not be escalated further as the ticket is already in the hands of the team that can help assist you with the issue at hand. However; our general support is able to update the existing ticket to make note that you've reached out to gain further insight into the status. While this doesn't expedite the process, we will log the interaction so our Risk team is aware. 

I'm hopeful that Wade will be able to follow up with you today if they haven't already. 

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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