Wanna move from WPMU to shopify , but will that be SEO friendly

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Hello guys 

I need a Help

I am currently running my site on wordpress multiuser 

but its slow and wordpress doesnot sems to be more secure 

So can I move to Shopify and Start some marketplace like service , where user can create a Sub site under my domain 


Additionally I am fond of some plugins like Blog2social that helps me in SEO and autoposting on Social media 

does Shopify has something similiar 

Please check my site for ref :- https://indiamachinemart.in/

and this is sample sub site :- https://indiamachinemart.in/plastic-injection-moulding-machine/



CEO @ indiamachinemart.in
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Im not sure about an app for the social posting but, one of the biggest things you need to do before you migrate is to set up redirects from your old URLs to your new URLs. That will help you keep any SEO juice that you have with google.



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Hello @Indiamachinemrt 

Thanks for this 

Even I am looking for Similiar solutions for my matrimonial 



If you found any solution Ping me