Re: Want Catalog Default to Show Newest Items

Want Catalog Default to Show Newest Items

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When customers click "catalog" on my Shopify website, they are directed to my merchandise which is listed in alphabetical order. Shopify Support has told me they cannot permanently change the default alphabetical listing to "newest to oldest." 


Does anyone know how to do this without paying for an app? Perhaps someone can tell me the code I need to write to enact this. 

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Hi @RodriguezSons,


You can do that by adding custom link to your menu

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Hi Dan, 


The link you sent me is not loading. Do you know how I would add a custom link to the catalog button which would show all of my merchandise categorized as newest to oldest? Would I need to create a collection to do this? 

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Hi @RodriguezSons , 


You mean you want to sort orders for the products in a collection, right? 

If it is, you can check our steps here: 

Step 1: Open Collections section 
From the homepage, press on Products then Collections.



Step 2: Choose a collection {#step-2}
Pick out a collection that you want to change the sort order.

Step 3: Change sort order automatically 
Scroll down until you see the Products section, in Sort, you can choose your sort order, such as Newest, Oldest or Bestselling, etc. It is noted that sorting by Best selling is calculated by the number of times a product’s variant is added in purchases, not the number of selling units. Moreover, Best selling sorting is recalculated every week.



Step 4: Change sort order manually
If you want to arrange it on your own, select Manually then hold the ⋮⋮ icon and move it to the place that you want in the product list.



Unlike other settings, changing sort order can be recorded automatically right after your adjustment that you do not have to press Save after completing all the steps.


I hope this helps. 



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Hi Avada, 


I want to sort the items for the catalog section of my home screen. It contains all of my merchandise and it is not a collection that I made. It is one of the drop downs on my home page. 

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Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm having the same issue

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I was told it wasn't possible with the basic program I have, and I didn't
look further for a solution.