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We are unable to authenticate you

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Unable to access store after attempting to download a marketing application. Message appears:


We were unable to authenticate you

Looks like something went wrong on our end. Operation engineers are aware of this problem and are working hard to get it solved. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the status page for updates.


Request ID:


How do I contact Shopify Live support to have this fixed urgently?

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Facing same issue, appreciate any help. 

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same to to fix it?

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I am having same issue also,

I need to try and fix urgently.

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I have that as well from today... cannot access store for about 4 hours already..

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Same issue here, I changed my email and now I get this error saying I can't authenticate...

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+1 this is for a development store I just created. After I verified the email address using the emailed code, I'm locked out with this message.

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8/21/2020 I am having the same problem.  I can't log into my store.  The message is 

"We were unable to authenticate you."  Help?  How do I contact Shopify?  I see that Shopify has not answered any of the posts on this issue.

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I have this same problem today.  I contact Shopify Live already.

May I ask finally this got solved? I saw some shops got the same problems too.





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I had the same problem so I contacted Shopify.

The solution is to delete your cookies and saved logins.

(I am using Chrome so maybe it's different between the browsers)

If this solution doesn't work contact Shopify support. 

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Thanks so much! This worked.