We had 6000+ suspicious email subscribers over 2 days

We had 6000+ suspicious email subscribers over 2 days

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Hi people,


Our company store has 6000+ new subscribers over 1 day. Their names are mostly the same (123123), with different email addresses. I randomly clicked into their profiles and found these newly added customers don't have any record of browsing the store or our products. So basically they are empty with just a name and an email. Wonder if any one experienced something similar before? I am really confused why would someone want to do this? And is there any risk with our store?


Thank you. I am asking here because Shopify support is being unhelpful as always.



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It's generally good practice to prune your email list every couple months or so, for example email addresses that don't open emails, or that are bounced.


Hard to say what to do in this situation, sounds like some kind of spam but not sure what is the motive, other than maybe a shady competitor trying to get you to send emails to addresses that won't interact, possibly lowering your deliverability score. Seems like a stretch to me, but since it sounds like bot activity it probably isn't legit.


I used to run a store, we didn't see anything like this, but if it happened to me I would send a few emails to some of the addresses, reach out personally to touch base and get feedback, ask how you found us, etc. If no reply, I would just delete them all. Fake emails don't do you any good, and can actually harm you.


I'm not an email marketer, we hired a professional for that, and would defer email questions to him. That may be something to consider as well.

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Hi @LilyOuyang!

Thanks for getting in touch.


@JoesIdeas went over some great points. It's possible that your store might be experiencing a large number of spam sign-ups. To mitigate this, consider implementing CAPTCHA during the sign-up process or using email verification to ensure the authenticity of new subscribers. Additionally, monitor your store's activity closely to detect any unusual patterns or behaviours and remove subscribers as needed. 

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