We have reviewed your account and determined that it is in violation of Shopify's Terms of Service

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Shopify appear to have suddenly cut off my account.

I got an email five days ago saying that I may be in breach of their terms of service due to selling trademarked products.

I never saw this email, and even if I had I would have presumed it was spam.

Today my website is down, and I got an email stating:

We have reviewed your account and determined that it is in violation of Shopify's Terms of Service.


The wild thing is that it said I had until Jan 26, and it's only Jan 20 now. But it appears they've gone ahead and decided to just pull my website for some reason.

I've now uploaded the documentation they asked for, but I am blown away at how willing they are to suspend an account without even double checking to see if I got their email. No call, nothing. This is quite appalling.

I'm also left wondering how long until they deign to reinstate my website, if at all.

I do buy all of my products from licensed suppliers, though I have a few second hand items which do not require a license to sell in Australia. I also have accounts with all of the companies that sell those products new anyway.

If shopify could help fix this fast would be good, but it's making a strong case to not be on this platform at all to be honest.

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We also just had this happen. We received an email on Friday, in which we asked Shopify support to verify as it looked like spam. They said they would investigate and get back to us if further action was required... we heard nothing back and then last night our whole store was taken off line and they have threatened to wipe all of our store data within days! 

We stock hundreds of brands, so this is 200-300 documents they will need to review before giving us the okay to be back up live!! 


Extremely damaging for a lot of ecommerce businesses. If we were asked to supply these documents when we started our store years ago, of course we would have complied. 


Plus there has been no help/ support from anyone in our own timezone, so it is a massive waiting game. 


I would be interested to hear if this has/ is happening to anyone else, and how long it has taken for all their documentation to be reviewed!