We hire people, not resumes?

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Applied for DS internship, and got a refuse. It is ok, but they didn't even look at my work (appliers had to finish their challenge for analytics). So disappointed, they have "We hire people, not resumes" on their website but it seems they don't even consider some of us as a human being. How do I know that they didn't look at my work? I posted it on the website I created and checked with google analytics 🙂

Very unworthy to talk about something that doesn't exist in reality

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No one on the forums would be able to comment on this, but I can at least attest to the time and energy Shopify puts into hiring. I really doubt you were overlooked and it's way more likely you're not just a fit right now. Give it another shot next time.


As a side note, a more accurate test would have been to review the site traffic server side. GA can be easily blocked so not something you should even consider to be an accurate guide to views.


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