We seem to have too many Abandoned Carts

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We have just moved from Woocommerce because we had a lot of Abandoned Carts mainly due to the slowness of the site which loaded in 6 seconds and the clash of cache files with payment processors so had a lot of abandoned carts that told the customer that they did not have sufficient funds in their account which was not true.

We have moved to Shopify to improve matters which in certain circumstances we have acchieved. Our site now loads in 847ms which is superspeed and we are getting more customers. Problem is that like today we have 5 sales but 8 abandoned carts and I cannot find a reason why this is. We have,

Put a order through ourselves on Paypal and Shopify Payments and both working fine, no customers have complained that they cannot do an order, we have always had the price of postage and what the FREE postage limit is on both desktop and mobile and it is at the top so it is the first thing you will see on the website so it'snot like customers don't know how much it is and we are one of the cheapest in the industry, and apart from this we cannot find any other reason Our website is https://www.waxmeltshop.co.uk is anybody is interested in helping.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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@WaxMeltShop with this type of issues of having lot of abandoned cart, all you need is to setup email automation flows for your store to help send personalized message based on the action of the visitor