Web Design Team Stated That A $575 Plugin Would Be Required On A Free App

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Hello there,


I recently had my online record store built by a professional web design company which operates close to which I live. After wanting to get Ebay integrated into my business to help boost potential sales through multiple sales platforms, I had found an app, Elist Ebay Integration which I then brought to the attention of the web design team I had building my site. A day later, the lead designer told me over the phone that the app could be utilised, but that a plugin would be required at a cost of $575. I thought this was standard and agreed verbally to the price. Although after researching their claim, I found that the only cost would be associated if I were under the Gold Plan, billed yearly at $500, which I am not. I am under the Standard Plan which is stated as being free. I attempted to notify the developers of the Ebay Elist Integration app itself, but have yet to receive a response, and with the web design team intending on billing me $575 midway into February, I want to ensure that a plugin was indeed required. Although, at this point, this doesn't seem to be the case since the app itself is stated as being free to use. Please help.

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