webshop notifications being sent to non customers

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Somehow gmail addresses (and possibly others) are being sent notifications from my webstore. These addresses are not in my database, they are not previous or existing customers, and definitely not initiated by me.

The notification being sent out is 'You've activated your customer account. Next time you shop with us, log in for faster checkout.' Recipients are reporting this to me as spam. They had never been to my site, nor signed up for an account.

Maybe some bot has harvested Gmail addresses and is trying to set up fake accounts on Shopify stores.

Also note that this started happening only AFTER I set up and verified the DMARC records 10 days ago.

Email example has Russian-like characters in the header:
ср, 7 лют. 2024, 09:01 користувач Onebody Foundation (Australia) <sales@onebody.me> пише:

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