Re: Website For Selling Books, Courses And Blog

Website For Selling Books, Courses And Blog

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Hey everyone,

I'm diving into the world of Shopify, and I'm eager to set up a website that resembles UniverseCover. I'm particularly interested in incorporating features like blogging, offering courses, and selling books online.

Can anyone guide me through the process? Here are the main steps I'm considering:

  1. Choosing the Right Shopify Plan: I'm unsure which Shopify plan would best suit my needs, especially considering I want to integrate blogging, courses, and e-commerce functionalities.

  2. Selecting a Theme: Finding a theme that aligns with the aesthetics and functionality of UniverseCover is crucial. Are there any specific themes or features I should be looking for?

  3. Customizing the Theme: Once I've chosen a theme, I'll need help customizing it to reflect the branding and style of UniverseCover. Any tips or resources for this step?

  4. Setting Up Blogging: I'm keen on starting a blog similar to UniverseCover's. How do I set up a blog within Shopify, and are there any best practices I should keep in mind?

  5. Integrating Courses: Offering online courses is another aspect I'd like to explore. How can I integrate a course platform into my Shopify website?

  6. Selling Books Online: Lastly, I'm interested in selling books through my website. What's the best way to set up an online store for book sales on Shopify?

I'm excited to embark on this journey and would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or resources.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Warm regards,

[Adam Sur]

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That a great idea, are you available for recommendations and tips

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I could recommend someone who can help you with everything if you wouldn't mind


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Yes Waiting 

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Congratulations on your e-commerce venture! Shopify offers a wide variety of themes, which you can browse below. However, even with the most expensive themes, achieving your desired design requires the expertise of a manual coder. Premium themes often lack the flexibility for extensive customization.


I recommend starting with Shopify Basic and upgrading to a higher plan if necessary. Remember, the theme is just the starting point. You may also need to utilize numerous paid apps, which in Shopify are not one-time purchases but rather recurring monthly subscriptions.


We offer "Premium Support" to Shopify customers for comprehensive and prompt assistance with theme customization. Additionally, we provide a range of other services. While I'm not fully aware of your specific needs, you can learn more from the link in my signature or by sending me a private message.


Here are some additional recommendations for your benefit:


  1. Grow Using Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Get Good Design In Mobile And Desktop Version
  3. Make The Website Work Fast
  4. Send Bulk Emails And Discount Coupons At Regular Intervals.
  5. Establish Your Target Audience.
  6. Work With A Good Team Or People In Software.
  7. Encourage Repeat Business.
  8. Offer Complementary Products.
  9. Offer Upsells And Cross-Sells.
  10. Market To All Stages Of The Funnel.
  11. Work With Influencers.
  12. Calculate Profit, Loss, and Costs from Your Sales with Your Software.
  13. Ship Globally.

You can take only one or a couple, but within the time you should do all of these!



And if you're very tired, learn to rest instead of quitting!


Best Regards,




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Hi Adam,

For the educational part of requirements, you can use Courses Plus app:
Don't hesitate to install and use in-app chat, so we can help you in setting everything up.