Website Help (Main Page, Remove Something at the bottom, and adding extension on website)

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Hello everyone! 


This is my first time setting a website up so please bare with me, I have several questions.


1. How to I add "SMS Waitlist" like this shop (example in picture) does, I know it's the kylavio extension, but how do I add it onto the webpage itself?


2. Why you visit my website, it goes to page error right away as my homepage, and I want my homepage, to be linked with the shop, and not having customers seeing error when they first visit.


3. When you click on "shop" tab, I really want the customer to see the title of the item, how can I make that visible, instead of just them clicking on it and see the title of the item afterwards.


4. Small question, but I am looking to remove the "by fkxmedia" at the bottom.


Thank you so much.


website :

password : helpwant to add this to home page.pngHome page, error.pngNeed Title of Item Visible.pngRemove _By FKXMEDIA_.png


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