Website is Down and there is no Response for Shopify Legal Team

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Hello! Our website has been inaccessible for the past four days due to an issue with the use of an unlicensed theme. Although we were not actively using this theme and it may have been installed for a demo, it was inadvertently left in the back-end.


We have since removed the unlicensed theme and have been attempting to reach out to the Legal Team for assistance. However, we have not received any response. Can you please advise on the appropriate contact person to address this issue? The delayed response time is concerning.

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The support and the legal team are the two last options to whom you can contact. Have you backed up your data? If not kindly do it asap. Once, data backup is done, it is time to connect with their support team and inform about their new theme for your website. The support team might have knowledge of specific procedures to follow in situations like yours. They could also guide you toward the appropriate contact person. Documents and supportive YouTube videos may also help you in resolving the matter. 

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We have a similar situation. Our site was taken down yesterday. We furnished a receipt for the original purchase of the theme, and we have heard nothing. Did your site ever get put back up?