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Website Traffic suddenly fall into Zero visitor

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Hi Shopify SEO experts,


I need your help regarding traffic on my website, I launched new site as Women's Fashion, including all fashion related things of women like dresses, shoes, handbags, jewelry, makeup, accessories etc, I put my website in google search console and i got very good traffic in starting 1 week, like its a new store and early days around 100 visitors per day, but suddenly i see the traffic become zero in last 2 days, please see the below graph of my site performance in Google search console.


I need your help to maintain it in back position. Thanks


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Hi @Bella_drop 

The most common cause of a sudden drop in website traffic is a recent search algorithm update. Penalties, redirects, incorrect robots.txt rules, and ranking losses are all other legitimate reasons why you may see a drop in website traffic. I think you should run a site audit and then check the detailed report to find site health obstacles if any. Some common points that can cause a sudden drop:

  1.  Algorithm updates
  2.  Tracking errors
  3.  Robots.txt rules
  4.  Redirects
  5.  Crawl errors
  6.  Ranking losses
  7.  XML sitemap changes
  8.  Manual penalties
  9.  De-indexing
  10.  Cannibalization
  11.  SERP layout changes
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Hello @Abdul15,

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What are your main traffic sources? Are you running any ads?

Just check GSC and see after December 12, 2022, every day you are seeing a drop in traffic or if it was only for one day.

Also, if you have a Google Analytics account, compare Google Analytics vs Google Search Console traffic.

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It's not uncommon for website traffic to fluctuate, especially in the early days. It might be helpful to review your SEO strategy, check for any technical issues, and keep creating quality content. Consistency and patience often pay off in the long run. You could use a web analytics dashboard template as well to monitor the results. Don't get discouraged, and you'll see improvements!